When the pearls meet...

Let's compose an entirely new experience together.

We offer the pearls, and you offer...

When we leave the comfort zone,

pearls no longer are just a natural gemstones.

Revelation from the nature

The nature teaches us that all things work together to make things happen.  Nothing can accomplish anything by oneself.  Even pearls need precious metals to add value.

Secrets of the pearls

When professionals from other industries discuss pearls with us, they also give us inspirations that give rise to new values for pearls.

Innovation from collaboration

Together, we can offer entirely new experiences to the customers, breakthrough the traditional mindset, and create blue-ocean business opportunities.

We are looking for the following professionals!


Eco Travel

The program uses pearl cultivation as one of the main theme to enhance the knowledge of local tour guides.



Spring Fest

Using the freshly caught ingredients from the sea to create the finest pearl-themed dish.  Surprises may be included.

We are looking for the following professionals!

  • Art therapist

  • Handicraft instructor

  • Holistic healing instructor

  • Marine education instructor

  • Paint instructor

  • STEM education instructor

  • and more...!

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How collaboration begins...

  1. Learn about each other's profession and business model

  2. Share the expectation and the weakness of our profession

  3. Brainstorm

  4. Find and develop a feasible project to try out

  5. Promote and recruit participants together

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