Pearl Education for Kids

Learn and experience more at the sea

Marine science education and pearls

There is a Chinese proverb, "Travelling brings about far greater benefit than mere book learning."  The Pearls for Kids program uses the STEM+A and experiential learning as the core elements for education.  The children will discover the ocean, encounter sea creatures, and learn all there is related to pearls with their five senses.

Protect the sea

A pearl oyster can filter over 200 litres of seawater per day.  A large number of pearl oysters can positively impact the local waters.

Use what you can get

Different sea creatures come and go as the marine environment changes when the season changes.  Through the app and the microscope, you can get a glimpse of the sea.

Create your little ocean

Using the light clay as the raw material, you use your hands to create sea creatures.  From there, you can create your own little underwater world.

Learn about the past and the present

We visited China to learn, chekced the figures at Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, interviewed the first pearl cultivators in Hong Kong.  We wanted our participants to learn the close relationship between Hong Kong people and pearls.


Learn about pearl cultivation

Nucleate in spring, harvest in winter.  Learn about this unconventional high value-added marine industry through interactive activities.


Marine education

Our tiny sea creatures and simple scientific tools will assist you in learning about local sustainable development for aquaculture and marine conservation.

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Create an accessory box

Using the light clay and various tools to create an ocean-themed accessory box.


Your pearls are waiting for you!

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