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Pearl Workshop at the Sea

Discover your pearl, create your accessory

The Hong Kong pearl shucking experience first started in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, over 2 decades ago. Now, it becomes a 3-hour edu-experience at the sea, promising the participants with a renewed understanding of pearls and their relationship with the ocean.


Rebuild "Pearl of the Orient"

Hong Kong Pearl Cultivation Association grows Hong Kong Akoya Pearls in the waters of Saikung.  With a mission to make pearls reachable by everyone, we hold weekly accessory workshops at the sea, sharing our knowledge and experience about the secrets of pearls. 

With pearl cultivation, we hope to play a part in revitalizing Hong Kong's fishery and agriculture, create 3,000 different jobs across the cultured pearl industry, and promote sustainable development with like-minded people from cross-professional sectors.

Workshop Introduction

Learn about pearls, find your pearl, and create your own accessory in this 3-hour experience.




  • Every Friday 10:45 am

  • Every Saturday and Sunday, 10:45 am and 1:45 pm

A Note About the Pearl Farm

  • ​The maximum capacity is 40.

  • It takes less than 15 minutes by boat from the pier to the pearl farm.

  • Each accessory-making participant gets at least one pearl.

  • You create your own pearl accessory.

20210317 Volunteer.jpg

A day to experience what we do

Work Experience

A therapeutic activity that allows you to learn and experience what we do in order to keep the pearl oysters survive and grow pearls.  Take a day off by yourself or with a group, and enjoy taking care of the pearl oysters with us.



Learn, apply, and create impact

We offer internship programs to qualified students.  They will learn about the basics of pearl cultivation, learn about marine ecosystems and sustainable development, and use this knowledge to teach others at our weekly workshops.



Beyond the tradition

Pearls testify the marine environment.  They are also great teachers about sustainable development.  We collaborate with education professionals to offer multidisciplinary materials with a mission to inspire the next generations as the stewards of this planet.

Group Educational Tour

We are offering a group tour package starting from HKD 4,950 (not including transportation costs or teaching materials), hosting up to 45 people. Within 2 hours, they can learn about the history of Hong Kong’s pearl development, simple pearl science teaching, marine conservation and sustainable development.

We welcome non-profit organizationsschoolstravel agencies, etc. Contact us to learn more.

Original price HKD 6,950 and subject to certain conditions.


Nucleation Experience

To help participants understand further about pearl cultivation, we can offer a nucleation experience for an extra charge.  Our experienced guide will guide you through the process.  This is only offered to the group tour.

A group of 6, maximum 4 groups

30 minutes

No pearls will be grown​


Contact Us

Meeting Place:  Hebe Haven Pier

If you wish to contact us, please fill in the blanks.  The ones marked with the asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.

Click here to learn about our basic charges.​

You got enquiries?

We will reply you as soon as possible.  You can also call us at 6978.8050  .

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