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Work Experience at the Sea

Whether you wish to experience, participate an internship, organize a group activity or even building up a personal résumé, we welcome you to come and have a taste of work at our pearl farm.


The Full Story

Career Path - An Interactive Sharing Session

Many schools are offering Career Path courses to let the youngsters engage early on and learn about what their future would be like.  We will share our personal stories and experiences about what we do and the challenges we face as we do our jobs and survive in this complex world. 

Boat fee, entrance fee, instructor fee, and course material fee will be applied.

Shell Cleaning Experience

Participants engage in a 15-minute briefing on how to do our job.  Then we will work together to clean up a batch of pearl oysters to ensure they stay clean and healthy.  The work experience takes place on Wednesdays or Thursdays and is divided into morning and afternoon sessions. A minimum of four people is required for each session. The maximum number of participants is 15. We also welcome teams from different organizations to come and participate.

Suitable for the general public of all ages except for the physically-challenged.

An entrance fee and a boat fee will be applied.

Internship Program

This is a program designed especially for the secondary and university school students who are looking for job experiences.  Depending on the available time that can be spent with us, we hope that the intern will be equipped with an in-depth knowledge of what we do as well as teach several times at our weekly workshop.

Suitable for secondary and university school students, and educational institutions.

Fees may apply.

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Time Table


Every Wednesday and Thursday

Please allocate 3 to 4 hours

How to Find Us?

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