Education at the Sea

Based on our pearl accessory workshop, we expand our pearl education session into an independent multi-disciplinary lesson.  The disciplines include, but not limited to, history, culture, economics, marine science, and sustainable development.

To suit the educational goals of schools, we are also able to customize sessions in collaboration with the respective educators.

Multi-disciplinary Education

Contents Beyond STEM

We believe that the method of teaching is not limited to one-to-many or traditional single-subject education methods. Participants who have participated in the pearl accessory workshop will understand that pearl cultivation is not purely marine biology nor jewellery.

Now, we cooperate with different educational experts and non-profit organizations to develop more projects and workshops for schools with the central theme on pearls.

  • Career Planning

  • Life education

  • STEM courses

  • Marine ecology


Work Experience

The world is facing an academic inflation.  Getting high marks no longer satisfy the school entrance criteria. In order to increase the chances, a student's portfolio becomes ever more important.  The portfolio is to prove that the student is not just an adolescent who studies, but also actively participates in services and activities that bring impact to the community.

Since the opening of our work experience opportunity, we have successfully trained students to work as a pearl farmer and contribute as a workshop instructor who educates people about marine conservation and sustainable development.

If you are a student looking for an experience to build up your portfolio, please contact us.