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About Us​

Back in the 1950s, Hong Kong was a thriving port with rich resources from the waters.  The city was a pearl cultivation ground.  The rapid urban development followed by the substantial devastation of the environment and traditional heritage.  In recent years, the Hong Kong government began to pay attention about sustainable development.  These turned out into long term project, such as the Water Pollution Control and Harbour Area Treatment Scheme.  In 2011, with the improvement of the water quality, the cross-harbour swim race started again.  In 2015, we tested the pearl cultivation for over three years.  We have proved that the waters in the eastern side of Hong Kong, in particular the Saikung waters, are suitable for cultivating high quality pearls that meet the international standards.


Hong Kong possesses a much deeper and longer relationship with pearls than anyone could have imagined.  Hong Kong Pearl Cultivation Association encourages innovation in order to rejuvenate the traditional industry and pass on to the next generations.  We have established an experience centre where we share our pearl expertise, reveal the secrets of pearls, and let the public engage Hong Kong pearls in a way they would never do at any traditional jewelry stores.

At the same time, we also want to share our viewpoints about the encouragement of marine biodiversity, environmental conservation, Hong Kong traditional pearl heritage, develop the pearl cultivation industry, and promote the new aquacultural industry to the world.  Through all this, we hope to effectively help the local fishery to become more competitive in the international market through this upgrade by pearl cultivation.


Develop sustainably and link up the value chain of the Hong Kong pearl industry

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Let the public engage and learn everything about pearls

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Pass On

Nurture a new generation of pearl cultivators

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Rejuvenate and assist the traditional aquacultural industry

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