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XO Sauce

"Yuet Wo Sauce" is a 70-year old Hong Kong sauce manufacturer.  Together, we bring you the "Pearl of the Orient" in the form of taste.  Our product is also being sold by "Fish Marketing Organization."​

Please note that the next batch will be available in mid-September.



A referral brought two manufacturers of the new generation together.  They are passionate about what they do and hope to do something more for the city that they love - Hong Kong.  One provides the pearl meat, the other offers the other ingredients and technical expertise, after many trials and tastings, the local pearl XO sauce is born.

What's Next?

After we cook the pearl meat for the XO sauce ingredient preparation, we are left with the pearl meat water.  With that, along with flour and soy bean, through fermentation for 6 months, the pearl soy sauce is ready to come out.

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