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Hong Kong has thousands of years of pearl history and culture. It is now also a world-class pearl trading port. The waters surrounding this financial hub can also breed beautiful pearls. Hong Kong is truly a world-class sustainable city.

​One experience, three hours, four topics



In ancient times, Hong Kong was not only a small fishing village, but also a famous pearl hunting ground. Now, it is a world-class pearl trading hub and has a suitable environment to grow pearls.

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To know the origin of pearls, you need to witness. Every participant in the pearl accessory workshop will have the opportunity to shuck shells and search for pearls. 



Do you know that the Sand Grain Theory is the commonly used theory to explain the formation of a pearl?  Let us explain to you in detail what is really going on.



You have freshly harvested pearl.  What's next? Under the guidance of our instructors, you will learn how to create your personalized pearl accessory.


About the Workshop


  • Starts Friday at 10:45 a.m.

  • Saturday and Sunday 10:45am and 1:45pm

A Note About the Pearl Farm

  • ​Maximum capacity is 40 people

  • Less than 15-minute from the pier to the farm

  • Guarantee one pearl for qualified participant

  • ​A variety of accessory parts to choose from​


The previous participants' encouragement and inspiration became our fuel for innovation, proposing new values of pearls in ways we have never done before.


Our workshop content has expanded to include topics from humanities, STEAM, ecosystem, and sustainable development.  We have served more than 50 educational institutions, including universities, secondary schools, primary schools, kindergartens and special education, and have received support from the Education Bureau and the Environmental Protection Department.


This is an activity designed for those who are interested or intend to join the pearl farming industry. Participants will have a deeper understanding of pearl farming activities, industry operations and business details. We will also share industry news of the local and global pearl business market and the various stories of pearl farmers.

Team Building

We incorporate elements of ESG and Lean Startup to create this one-of-a-kind experience.  Participants will creatively present their thoughts and ideas in front of others to demonstrate their understanding. If the business of the participating organization also deal with pearls, our relevant experience can surely broaden their understanding of pearls.

ESG Programme

ESG has become an important keyword for responsible business practices.

Contact Us

Meeting Place:  Hebe Haven Pier

If you wish to contact us, please fill in the blanks.  The ones marked with the asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.

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You got enquiries?

We will reply you as soon as possible.  You can also call us at 6978.8050  .


The market demand for pearls has increased a lot, and coupled with the decline in global supply of seawater pearls, prices have also increased a lot. Fortunately, we have harvested sufficient pearls that would hopefully support the Hong Kong pearl jewelers and accessory creators.

The pearls harvested in Hong Kong have been entrusted to reputable merchants for sales. If you are interested in using Hong Kong pearls to develop your jewelry brand or pearl jewelry series, remember to discuss with us!

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