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Adopt a Pearl

Conserve the ocean, rejuvenate the sea, grow your own pearl

  • 所有人都適合

    一人一蚌 Adopt a Pearl

    全民養【港珠】 Grow Your Own Pearl
    Valid for one year
    • 於收成當日免一位入場費(船費自付)| One free admission on the day of harvest
    • 親自收成自己的珍珠 | Harvest your own pearl
    • 確保有一粒珍珠可以收成 | Guarantee one piece
    • 已過濾最少 180,000 公升海水 | Filtered at least 180,000 L of seawater
  • 個人珍珠養殖體驗計劃

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • 養殖合共 20 隻珍珠貝
    • 每天過濾約 4,000 公升海水
    • 申請者每月免費前往珍珠場一次(請預約)
    • 收成當日可邀請多3名四歲或以上親友免入場費一起收成
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Why Cultivate Pearls

When you are experiencing the cultivation process, the participants would learn about how pearl oysters clean the seawater, promote marine biodiversity, and rejuvenates Hong Kong aquacultural industry.  By learning about the traditional pearl cultivation stories, the modern processes, we hope to promote collaboration between different stakeholders and transform the way they feel about pearls.  When we cultivate pearls, we cultivate with a mission.

School Application

How to Participate?

Leave your name, contact information, and intended harvest date.  Once the moment is processed, the program starts.  Your membership lasts for one year.

Sea Turtle

Protect the Ocean

Each pearl oyster filters 10L of water per hour, which is 240L per day.  If you cultivate 50,000 oysters, you can filter out 12 million litres of water each day.  That's filtering an Olympic-sized swimming pool 5 times!


Enjoy the Nature

The nature gives back when you help the nature.  We want our program participants to truly enjoy the sun and sea breeze at our pearl farm.  Relax at our site, connect with the nature and witness the beauty.


Cultivate Pearls and Relax

When you are waiting for the harvest, please feel free to come to our pearl farm and enjoy the facilities.  While your visit quantity subject to the program that you joined, the fee is waived (subject to terms and conditions).


Harvest Your Own Pearl

We guarantee at least 60% harvest rate for those began the progrmame before June 30th.  Even though winter time is the period that yields the best quality pearls, but we have no control on the ultimate quality.


Create Your Own Accessory

What good does it do if you don't turn the pearl into an accessory?  For an extra HKD 250, we provide the materials and guidance to create your own pearl accessory.  If the pearl is deemed beautiful enough, why not ask a designer for a professional accessory design advice?

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