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Discover the wonders of pearls: a comprehensive pearl education

From the production factory to the sea, from the sea to the market, and then to tourism... We believe that our resources, knowledge and experience are broader and deeper than the regular pearl dealers and jewelers around the world. With our continuous learning, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive pearl education program that combines the sea experience and the land education.

Participants of the pearl accessory workshop at the sea will learn about the history and pearl industrial transformation in Hong Kong. With nature's support, participants will also receive a brief lesson in marine biology, showing the relationship between pearl cultivation and marine ecology. They will then harvest their own pearls and immediately learn to make their own pearl accessory. In this way, we are able to demonstrate the most efficient supply chain from farm to jewelry and leave participants with an unforgettable impression of a lifetime.

However, there are limitations to the content of the Workshop at the Sea. From time to time, we faced problems with harvested pearls accidentally falling into the sea. However, a well-rounded pearl education also requires quality pearls. For safety reasons, we do not dare to display expensive pearls at sea. This can only be done on land.

On land, we use the cultured pearls mostly found in the common jewelry market to demonstrate the downstream of the cultured pearl industry chain, that is, the consumer market. We then use some of the principles of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese book of wisdom, to understand a wide array of aspects of pearls. This gives participants a chance to see the finished product, learn about the various factors that affect the quality, color, size, and price of pearls, learn how to tell the difference between real and fake, and more. This in-depth understanding of the finished product complements the Sea Farm to Accessories experience.

Pearl Accessory Workshop at the Sea

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